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Welcome to the home of the KAMO 360 bait boats.

A first in bait boat  technology and design. For the first time you can create a feeding area  from a bait boat. It gives you the “unfair advantage”. Feel free to visit our FACEBOOK PAGE to see more pictures and videos. Your input via email would be much appreciated.


12V or Lipo system available

For a quote please contact us.

• 1 x 5000maH lipo
• 1 x Smaller lipo (back-up battery)
• 2.4 GH Radio (4 or 6 channel)
• Spinning feeder (full patent granted: Reg. # ZA 2012/02153) which spins up to 3kg feed (any) in a circle of 16m around your boat
• Your hook now actually lies in a bed
of loose freebies
• Built in stand
• Lights (10mm super bright leds) for
night fishing
• Charger (12V or 220V) for lipos or 12V batteries.

• 5000maH lipo handles approx. 7 by 200m lines.
• Single or double bottom dropping bait bucket
• Variable speed (very fast) 230
metres from start to lines dropped,
feed and back in approx. 2 half min.
• Various colours available
• Extra batteries available.
• Fish finders available (installed):
– Lucky
– Toslon TF 500
– Toslon TF 640
– Prices available on request.

Specs and features:

  • +- 900mm long
  • +- 7.5kg (incl. batteries) in weight
  • 400mm wide, and 300mm high.
  • Range: tested +- 400 metres capacity 3kg feed in main spinning hopper. 1.5kg in back hoppers
  • Weight: lightweight 7.5kg (batteries incl.). Charger (incl.) lipo intellegent charger. You can charge it from you car (or 12v battery) at the water, +- 1 and a half hours to full capacity.
  • Functionality; makes feeding area with a circle of 16 metres around the boat. ANY feed from red, black rape, hemp, tigers, maize, boilies etc. (ANYTHING!)
  • 2.4 gh 4 or 6 channel radio which means NO interference from any bait boat EVER and one function per stick movement, 3 servos for bait buckets and rudder.
  • Arial: flexible, only 50mm long Lights: 2x10mm bright green leds at back. 10mm Bright led white or blue on the sides & 10mm super bright red in front Speed:Top speed +- 20 kmph variable speed.


  • Speed: Top speed +- 20 kmph variable speed.
  • Steady and wind.
  • Summary: your hookbait lies in a huge feeding area (not away from a small pile of feed)
  • Support: full service back-up
  • Colours: customized (being reasonable)
  • Motor: 3 phase AC technology
  • Battery: Lipo charger (included) charge your batteries at the water from your vehicle in +- one hour Battery cappacity +- 7 lines by 200 metres. Backup battery system if boat runs out of battery flick a switch on remote and bring boat back on backup.
  • Built-in stand alone function.
  • If battery reaches low level, you can activate back-up battery from the radio.
  • Bait boat bags available. Contact us for personal deliveries.
  • Built-in prop protection
  • Repairs and bait boats. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

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